Our goal is to smoothly integrate style, elegance, simplicity, convenience, security and sensibility into your automated lifestyle.

Waking up 

Imagine waking up in the morning on the sound of the alarm or your favorite music, the shutters will open gently, the coffee machine is on, the shower goes on and with a touch panel you can display the weather, news and even traffic information. With a simple touch you can check your parked car.

Welcome Home

Imaging returning home from work after along day, the garage door opens. As soon as you enter your home, the lights are one, the shutters pen up, the air conditioning runs…and even your shower or bath will be on with the specific temperature recommended. The TV greets you and display all the missed calls and voice messages, e-mail, visitation messages….

Hit a “Movie” button and the light intensity decreases, the shutters are closed, the popcorn machine starts… Suddenly the phone rings, the movie pauses, a pop up appears on the screen and start a voice conferencing session. When you hang up, the movie automatically resumes.  If you stand up during the movie a dimly light path to the door is list for you, and then dimmed automatically once you return to your seat.
Due to the live recording, you can view the images recorded by the IP cameras outside the house, you can see who’s at the door, keep an eye on your children in the garden or swimming pool and initiate intercom call with them…
Play music in multiple zones of your home or listen to different tunes in different rooms simultaneously. Enjoy large-as-life theater experience in true surround sound and rival other cinemas. Access your entire music and film connection on one media center stored on a single server. Load your tunes and make your home the place to be.

Endless Possibilities

Through internet web access, pocket PC, PDA…you can manage your home. If something unusual happens in your home, the system automatically sends a warning signal via SMS, MMS or mail. Look up a new recipe straight from your kitchen. Know how the stocks are holding up while you watch a football game. You can program certain functions to perform daily at a certain time without intervention such as detecting glare when the sun goes down.
Have endless possibilities by getting connected, anywhere.

UTT provides real estate a unique enabling community solution. UTT community solution establishes a place for all automation and entertainment, integrated with building management system and facility management system to maximize the customer experience, enhance security and safety.

You will enjoy your home in more ways than you ever imagined.

Why we need a building management system?

Building management system is economical because it reduces the cost of effort, labor and maintenance. It can be always upgraded. Building management system can control HVAC, lighting, access control, security monitoring, ventilation, fire, smoke control across your enterprise, energy saving and a comfortable environment. The building will be much easier to be operated.